We offer full spectrum interior and exterior painting services for all types of residential and commercial structures including large and small homes, historic buildings, churches, barns, log houses, condos and much more.


Our services include preparing and repairing all surfaces for new paint or stain. 

From April 15-Nov. 15 we focus exclusively on exterior residential painting company with some light commercial painting.  We schedule interior painting projects from Nov. 15 to April 15.


Also during the winter months we provide full drywall services for new construction. 

 We use only the


Sherwin Williams

paints and stains.

Vapor Abrasive Blasting

We are really excited about our newest state-of-the art technology and equipment for stripping old paint and stain.


Vapor Abrasive Blasting is a state-of-the-art process which utilizes the combination of water and various abrasives (also referred to as media) to remove undesired existing coats of paint, clear coats, stain, corrosion, residues, dirt, etc., from solid surfaces.  


This process is similar to sand blasting but instead uses selected fine abrasives that are moistened with water, pressurized and propelled through a blast nozzle while mixed with compressed air.  A variety of abrasives can be used in this process, with the choice on each job dependent on the existing unwanted surface, the hardness of the material beneath, and the desired outcome.